Lady Gaga Handpicked 'Drag Race' Alum Shangela for 'A Star Is Born'


To be hand-selected by Lady Gaga for anything is a dream come true. For Drag Race alum Shangela, the honor must feel sickening. In a press conference this weekend following the Toronto International Film Festival premiere A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper -- who directed and co-wrote the film -- revealed that Lady Gaga herself chose Shangela to appear in the film.

“It really became magical. It was a magical couple days,” Cooper said shooting with Shangela and co-star Willam, who also stars in the film. In the same breath, Cooper called Willam “gold.”

Following a fever pitch critical acclaim across the festival circuit, A Star Is Born has garnered considerable Oscar hype. The film chronicles Ally, a down-on-her-luck singer played by Lady Gaga, and her ascent to pop stardom amid a love affair with troubled country legend Jackson Maine, played by Cooper. It is the third reprise the original 1937 film, following the first 1954 reboot starring Judy Garland and its 1976 Barbra Streisand-featuring follow-up.

In a Billboard interview earlier this year, Shangela revealed that she would star as Gaga’s “drag mother” in the film -- which was then unannounced. "I’m in drag. I’m kind Lady Gaga’s drag mother, a bar owner," she told Billboard back in March. "I can’t give much more away than that. But it’s gonna be really fun. It’s not a giant role, but it’s a good role that’s memorable.”

Shangela uploaded a snippet the press conference and with it, an inspirational message honoring her co-stars.

“I promise you guys that I’m living pro that if you put in the WERQ to be your best, nothing and no one can stop you from achieving your dreams,” Shangela wrote on Instagram. “I was honored to be recommended by the amazingly talented @ladygaga to be a part the #AStarIsBorn movie, and it was mind blowing to work with and alongside both #BradleyCooper and LG (and also my super fun costar @willam) for the time I’m in the film.”

Check out Shangela's post below: