KMC to Debut “Club On Fire”

The internet is full of rumours that KMS, the recording artists that is about to change the music industry, is to release his next music video “Club On Fire.” For those of you who are not familiar with this Caribbean artist, he is quite renown in the region and is currently heating up the U.S. music scene.   KMC is a Trinidadian native from the small town of Rio Claro. Since he released his first hit single in 1998 titled “Bashment To Carnival,” he has been making some impact in the international music scene. As you can see for yourself, there is no sign of slowing down for this musician.     KMC is known for his exceptional ability to spit lyrics freestyle and for his songwriting craft. He is also a creative music producer and does not fall short in his unique dance moves. His style is diverse, transitioning from dancehall, hip hop, rock, EDM and soca.   As for the music video, it is said to drop on Thursday, February 11th, and is expected to hit all the major clubs in the United States. Keep an eye out for this international artist now in the states!