Katt Williams Now Being Sued For Assault & Sorcery – hiphopearly


Katt Williams is currently in jail, after being arrested three times this month.

But the most bizarre new legal charge against the comedian stems from an incident that took place two years ago.

Actress Jamila Majesty says she was invited to Williams’s house in 2014. When she arrived, there were five other women in the residence. And when she tried to use the bathroom, things took a violent turn.

Majesty alleges Williams yelled “No one uses [my] bathroom.” Then the other five women began beating her. The assault lasted several hours, and Williams’ contributed to her pain by burning her with Newport cigarettes. During the beat down, Majesty noticed her assailants were referring to a book containing “teachings on sorcery and spells”, and that they had lit a fire that was being fed by “strange things.”

Majesty claims the attack left her bloody and drifting in and out of consciousness. She didn’t report it at the time because she was afraid Williams and his witches would retaliate.

That all sounds pretty out there. Even for Krazy Katt.