Jaimie Wilson Duets With His Pre-Transition Self on Beautiful 'Everything Is New': Listen


This year’s Marco Marco fashion show for New York Fashion Week made history as the first NYFW show to use only transgender models. But for one performer, the night was special for another reason.

At the Marco Marco show, singer-songwriter Jaimie Wilson debuted his new song “Everything is New,” a beautiful duet about coming to terms with who you are. But the duet is one--a-kind, as Wilson duets with a younger, pre-transition version himself on the song, singing about a day that will come when “the sun will shine and I’ll open my eyes.”

Wilson originally recorded the track as a solo song when he was 18-years-old, female-bodied, and not out as a transgender man. But after he finished recording his new song, he ended up coming out to his family, who were unsupportive. Consequently, the song was left as a finished recording but never made it to a final release.

Five years after recording it, Wilson found the track while scrolling through old emails and decided that he wanted to not only release the uplifting track, but sing with himself on it. “This is not a song about being transgender,” he said in a statement. “This is a song about the inner struggles this life, and that sometimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves.”

Listen to “Everything is New,” the new self-duet from Jaimie Wilson, below: