Hannah Elizabeth Ready to Blossom!

Hannah Elizabeth - The Artist Refinery
We live in a world of one-hit wonders and YouTube “sensations”. You can be famous for just about anything these days--and sometimes just as a result of your pet! Talentless musicians and actors can make millions and people buy it all up! That’s why I cannot even express how refreshing it was to watch this video on Hannah Elizabeth and her creative process. I had seen her video ‘No Good’ and loved it, and thought she had a great voice and lots of appeal. But after watching this interview release, I have gained so much more respect for this young star. She completes the list of artists that became known from the almighty YouTube, collecting more than 70K views on her latest video in just a week. Hannah takes us through her life, when she used to be too shy to sing, and how she overcame her fears. Although she is extremely talented, she WORKS for her goals everyday. She spends hours working out, rehearsing, and training...and remember, she already HAS a great voice! She gives credit to her team over at The Artist Refinery, and you can really see the bond this close-knit group really shares. Props to Hannah, kudos to The Artist Refinery, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from her!