Finn Wolfhard Teases 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Details and Plays With Puppies On 'Fallon': Watch


Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for an appearance filled with teasers and adorable puppies on Monday night (Aug. 6). 

The actor and musician kicked things f by showing f his first-ever vinyl release by his band, Calpurnia, titled Scout. Host Jimmy Fallon oohed over the rainbow-colored vinyl, then tried to pawn f his own record, Blow Your Pants Off, with little success.

Stranger Things soon dominated the conversation. The show is currently nominated for twelve Emmys, and when asked about how the crew found out, the actor admitted that he missed the announcement. "Actually, I came in late. I, like, came in and all I heard was clapping. I'm like, what's going? Is someone pregnant?...I get in there and everyone is working and I'm like, 'Oh, they're not going to announce it?' And they went, 'No. They've already done it.'"

After a bit prying on Fallon's part, Wolfhard, who portrays Mike Wheeler on the Netflix series, revealed that there will be several new cast members this season. He also teased a clip from his upcoming family comedy-drama film, Dog Days, which is directed by Ken Marino.

For the game segment, Wolfhard faced f against fellow guest Glenn Close in a game Pup Quiz, a question and answer game where the reward for winning each round is a cuddly dog. When all was finished, the 101 Dalmatians star edged out Wolfhard in the final round.

Check out the videos Wolfhard's appearance below.