Exclusive: “Marshall” Actress Keesha Sharp On Playing Civil Rights Icon’s Wife In New Movie

“Lethal Weapon” Actress Keesha Sharp Talks New Movie “Marshall”

The actress who plays Thurgood Marshall’s wife in the new movie “Marshall” said she hopes the movie will shine a light not only on the famed civil rights lawyer, but the woman behind him.

Keesha Sharp portrays Vin “Buster” Marshall, Thurgood Marshall’s feisty wife who stood by his side as he battled racists in and out the courtroom.

“He was such a strong man, where did he go to get that nurturing?” Sharp told BOSSIP. “She was that woman.”

The movie tells the little-known story one Marshall’s first cases as a lawyer for the NAACP, defending an African-American man accused raping his white female employer.

“It’s a courtroom thriller,” Sharp said. “It was considered, when you look back on it, it was the O.J. Simpson trial its time.”

Sharp said that while playing Buster – who got her nickname from being so busty – she kept in mind that every time that Marshall left to defend cases in the South, she knew he may never come back.

“I want people to know that women may not have had a strong voice in that time, but they were just as important as Thurgood Marshall,” the actress said. “She was the strength behind him. Without her, there would be no him.”

The Rochester, N.Y. native has been acting for 20 years and studied at the Boston Conservatory before moving to LA to pursue her career in front the camera.

Sharp said she’d like to stay in the biopic space for her next project: a film about the life 40s and 50s screen siren Eartha Kitt.

“That’s my dream, and we are working on it,” Sharp said. I think she has a story that is fascinating.”

“Marshall” hits theaters Oct. 13.