Eminem Explains 'Where's My Snare' Intro To 'Cleaning Out My Closet' – hiphopearly


Eminem’s been having fun annotating his tracks on Rap Genius for the past year.

Earlier this week, Shady revealed what was behind the famous “Where’s my snare? I have no snare in my headphones” intro to his 2002 hit ‘Cleaning Out My Closet.’

It turns out it was all pretty literal.

“This was true,” Shady annotates. “I was recording and couldn’t hear the snare, the engineer had it muted for some reason. I left it.”

As for why he left it?

He doesn’t say, but the intro does a good job setting the stage for the track, so he made the right choice.

Watch Dr. Dre give Shady some snare in the video for ‘Cleaning Out My Closet.’