Drake Teases Possible Double Album With 'Scorpion' Billboards Across Toronto


Drake has ratcheted up his album rollout with less than a week until the unveiling his highly anticipated Scorpion project. The shrewd 6 God has begun teasing fans by putting up billboards with cryptic messaging around the city Toronto, hinting at the possibility the LP actually being a double album.

An assortment catchphrases are featured on the large signboards, such as "Changing From Boy to a Man," "I Just Flipped a Switch," "Don't Hit Me When You Hear This," "God Has a Plan," and "Elevate." Admittedly, these seem to indicate possible song titles or incoming lyrics from the LP.

One billboard does happen to read "A Side" above "B Side," fueling fan-driven speculation that Scorpion has a chance to actually be a double-disc. Another sign questions "Is There More" which would also fit the narrative a double album being on the way. Regardless, Scorpion season is quickly approaching.

Check out photographs the billboards below. Scorpion drops on June 29.