Don Meeno Drops New Video “Fetty Wap” From Giinchy 5X Mixtape

Rising star from the underground, Don Meeno, recently came out with his Giinchy 5x mixtape that we had been looking forward to since hearing about it last year. The mixtape is Don Meeno’s follow up release to his Da Giinchy Code EP, which featured the hit single and video for “Love Don’t Live Here.” Now, Don Meeno returns, working with the same video director Zac Facts, with his first video from Giinchy 5x, “Fetty Wap.”   Don’t worry, the song and video isn’t a diss track to the New Jersey rapper with the same name, but a reference to stacking from hustling in the hood, which is how the Giinchy Crew gets by. Giinchy Crew member Zeko is also featured on the track, contributing slacked up autotuned vocals behind Don Meeno’s smoked out punchlines.     The video was shot on location in Toronto in the Giinchy Crew’s hood. The authenticity in Don Meeno’s is witnessed in the video, and we can see he clearly doesn’t come from the fancy side of Toronto. “All I know is crime/All I know is shine…” from the song sums up Don Meeno’s image as an artist, as he desires all of the luxuries in life but he’s got to do dirt to get it where he’s from. He isn’t bragging about being a gangbanger, but he doesn’t ever hide the fact that he’s an outlaw, not conforming to the norms of society. For fans of the green the opening shot of “Fetty Wap” is Don Meeno rolling a blunt of his favorite medicine.   The camera techniques used by Zac Facts are mad slick, and the video for “Fetty Wap” can make this dude the next Hype Williams. He’s got the lighting effects and slow motion editing on lock. Check out the video on YouTube and download Giinchy 5x.