Ciara Surprises Dad Who Did 'Level Up' Dance For Son In Hospital


Kennith Thomas, the father whose dance for his son with leukemia went viral, has won the Level Up Challenge and was visited by pop star Ciara on Friday (Aug. 3). His viral video has racked up more than 4.5 million views after it was reposted by the singer. Thomas was then voted the winner by other Ciara fans and the "Level Up" singer visited his studio in Philadelphia.

Thomas has posted many videos him dancing in front his son during the child's time in treatment,  featuring Bruno Mars and James Brown-inspired performances. On Instagram, the dance teacher and choreographer expressed that the visit was "totally unexpected." "I was just doing what I do and cheering my boy up," Thomas wrote in his post.

His son, Kristian, was diagnosed with leukemia in June. Not too long before Ciara visited Thomas' studio, the dance instructor announced on Instagram that his son was in remission.

Check out Ciara's Instagram posts below.