FOURTHOUGHT #54 | The Suicide Carnivale

The panel discusses mental illness with a broad brush. Suicide, assisted suicide, and a suicide carnivale. ADD, ADHD, and five year olds who cannot “handle” their emotions. Adults can barely handle their emotions, how are children supposed

ROCKET SCIENCE: Such Things as I will Never Understand

I saw a documentary about Industrial Light & Magic (I L & M), which thoroughly explained the evolution of digital special effects in movies. As part of the history of computer-generated imaging (CGI) directors and actors commented

FOURTHOUGHT #53 | Shot in the Sex with Words

The Artist D, Vanilla Child, and Ray Cotolo rate themselves on the Kinsey Scale. Ray explains how statistics of sexuality are bogus. Vanilla Child explains how past experience can put a damper on your results. The Artist

Jeremy & the Harlequins Share New Single “Nothing Civil”

NYC’s heroes of rock n’ roll Jeremy & the Harlequins are rolling out more new feel-good tunes, this time in the form of their new single & video “Nothing Civil.” The band never fails to evoke a

You Really Don’t Care

Welcome back, everyone! To start off, I’d like to say that I love an open dialogue. I may be one opinionated bitch, but I am always willing and able to change my opinion should someone present a

The Bushwick Collective 2018

International street artists gathered once again in the heart of Brooklyn for The Bushwick Collective this weekend.  Folks were treated to live performances all day, with rapper Ja Rule headlining, plus vendors, a beer garden and, of course, fantastic

ICYMI May 2018: Scratch Massive, The Woods, Grand Pax

The month of May wasn’t all about that Childish Gambino video or that Arctic Monkeys change of direction.  These may well still be talking points by the end of the year, such is the consumerist appetite for


BLUE HOT ROD they won’t notice us at night leather collar turned up humming the song of dead wolves — whoever yr people are supposed to be, a high priestess guided us here w/ sage leaves &

O-SHiN releases ‘I / ∞’ EP

Of the other songs on show here, “A Revelation” has a wonderfully spliced synth line acting as rhythm over a chilled minimal beat.  It threatens to become poppy but it holds back on the lush cinematic direction

Will.i.am, it was really nothing

Are you new to all this?  Part One of this surreal saga can be found here. ‘Oh the rain falls hard on a humdrum town…’ As the song continued on the radio Will.i.am looked up from his