Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Goblin’ Album Quietly Went Gold In January

Tyler, The Creator's debut album Goblin, released on May 10, 2011, on XL Recordings, has ficially been certified Gold by the RIAA. This marks the second Gold certification Tyler's career, following the album's second single, “Yonkers,” which earned

Wale Is No Longer Signed to Atlantic Records: Source

Wale is no longer signed to Atlantic Records, according to our sources, following the release his 2017 album, SHINE.  “Wale is no longer with us,” an Atlantic Records spokesman confirmed with DJBooth. A reason for the split was

Cozz’s ‘Effected’ Debut Showcases an MC Hurdling Toward Undeniability

Since the release  “Dreams” four years ago, Cozz has been synonymous with hunger. The Dreamville artist hailing from Los Angeles, California rapped with the chilling conviction a man whose starvation turned into vehement determination. Cozz was awarded

Confused Odd Future Fan Still Yelling “Free Earl” at Concerts

Well, this is awkward. Bryce, local rap enthusiast and skate shop employee, is still yelling “FREE EARL” at concerts, according to various reports. He was recently seen at a Tyler, The Creator concert not only yelling the catchphrase, but

Sing About Herc: Why Hip-Hop Pioneers Must Be Cherished By the New Generation

“Across time, people have had the desire to immortalize others for their contributions to society. And for hip-hop, that time has come,” said Seth Farbman, Spotify’s Chief Marketing Officer, after Metro Boomin, SZA, and 21 Savage were

The “Big Secret” Behind Quitting Your 9 to 5 to Pursue Music Full-Time

This is such a touchy subject. Reality is reality. Our own individual circumstances are a result every decision we've made in the past. Technically speaking, “now” is all we know. The future will become inevitably what we

Could You Wait 7 Years for an Album Placement? I Did

In his own words, 29-year-old producer Djay Cas, who has worked with Ice Cube, Nipsey Hussle and Giggs, among others, shares the backstory behind his recent beat placement on Jeezy's 'Pressure,' a journey seven years in the

Kanye, JAY-Z, Drake & an Industry Full of Tricks

All around me, I could hear voices shouting every word Kanye’s verse on “THat Part.” They mimicked the excited inflection and the way he would stretch the last word a line; every “OJ,” “Kobe,” “Ok” and “Chipotle” echoed through

Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ is the Worst Album Release in Music History

For what felt like an eternity but was actually about two weeks, I was drowned in Kanye West's Twitter waves without even an album to use as an anchor. Constant title changes, Wiz Khalifa attacks, tracklist after revised tracklist, at least

What if Kendrick Lamar Really Did Kill Someone?

He watched House Party and ate Apple Jacks, sold Sega games while his cousin sold crack, pumped Reeboks while his uncle pumped packs. Since his introduction to the world, Kendrick Lamar has been the good kid from