Carrie Underwood Brings People Together in Empathetic 'Love Wins' Watch


The lyrics touch themes immigration and violence while fering hopeful advice.

Carrie Underwood is bringing people together with her new music video "Love Wins," released on Tuesday (Sept. 11) -- the second single from her forthcoming album Cry Pretty, due out on this Friday. 

Attempting to provide a voice reason in recent turbulent times, "Love Wins" is an emphatic, hopeful reminder that despite our differences, we are all the same. 

The video begins with a hopeless-looking group people walking on a road in a post-apocalyptical setting as Underwood, in a goddess-like orange dress, emotionally leans into the track’s sentimental lyrics, "Sirens screaming down the avenue/ Just another story on the evening news/ Politics and prejudice/ How the hell it'd ever come to this?/ When everybody's gotta pick a side/ It don't matter if you're wrong or right." 


Contrasting with the blue skies behind her, Underwood looks radiant in her silk dress as she approaches the country’s critical political moment -- touching on themes  immigration and violence, while fering optimistic advice. As the crowd continues their journey, they find comfort in each other, arriving in some sort promise land as Underwood chants the chorus: "I believe you and me are sisters and brothers/ And I believe we're made to be here for each other/ And we'll never fall if we walk hand in hand/ Put a world that seems broken together again/ I believe in the end love wins." 

The video then shifts perspective as the group people, now a community, rejoice in their newfound land while Underwood, now wearing a white long-sleeve butterfly gown and a face full colorful make-up, joyfully sings to the crowd. As the loud clapping drums follow her powerful voice, the party turns into a vibrant celebration with colored powder being thrown everywhere, all thanks to the power love and unity. 

Check out the full video for "Love Wins" below.