Arthur Hanlon's Top 10 Latin Songs For His Birthday


A while ago, Latin music adopted a great instrumentalist: Irish/American pianist Arthur Hanlon. But to be honest, it has been Hanlon himself who has really conquered Latin culture through songs that make everybody identify their past, culture and love for their countries.   

Hanlon is celebrating his birthday today (Aug. 8). For that reason, we've compiled his top ten best Latino songs (so far) that describe his love for Latin culture, including "En Mi Viejo San Juan" with Marc Anthony, "No Tuve La Culpa" with ChocQuibTown and the classic "Somos Novios."   

"En Mi Viejo San Juan" feat. Marc Anthony

"Yo Me Llamo Cumbia"


"Ya Te Olvide" feat. Ricardo Montaner

"La Gorda Linda" feat. Tito Nieves

"Por Una Cabeza," Jorge Vazquez feat. Arthur Hanlon

"I'll Be There" feat. Karlos Rosé (Spanglish Version)

"Makin' Whoopee," Daniel Bonaventura feat. Arthur Hanlon

"Somos Novios" (Acoustic Version)

"No Tuve La Culpa" feat. ChoQuibTown