'America's Got Talent' Wows With Second Week of Semifinal Performances: Watch


America's Got Talent returned this week on Tuesday (Sept. 11) with a bang, showcasing a series outstanding performers for the second week the semifinals.    

Among the many talented contestants, we rounded up a list the night's musical performers, who are battling for a spot in the final rounds the competition.  

Courtney Hadwin   

Known as the contest's resident "shy" girl, Courtney Hadwin proved that she was far from being reserved last night. The 14-year-old performed her own unique rendition Steppenwolf's classic rock staple "Born to Be Wild," shocking the audience with her range and powerhouse vocals. Complete with a drummer and guitarist to back her up, the singer showcased her stage presence, signing and dancing vigorously across the stage. Talent aside, the teen proved to the audience that she's a force to be reckoned with. 

Glennis Grace

Glennis Grace took to the America's Got Talent stage for a stripped back performance Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work". The singer's vocals soared as she hit every high note, stunning the crowd into an eventual applause with her beautiful vibrato. 

Angel City Chorale

The Los Angeles choir gave an inspiring performance with a cover Bruce Springsteen's "The Rising." The members the choir started f with turned on flashlights during the beginning their song, making for a touching moment as the camera panned out to the darkened room, which had all members the audience shining their cell phone lights in unison with the song. The moment was truly beautiful, and added to the angelic nature what Angel City Chorale stands for.

We Three 

We Three took a risk by performing an original song, titled "Make Up." The reggae and ska infused track was performed to an enthusiastic crowd, earning a standing ovation from the audience members. 

Noah Guthrie

Noah Guthrie took to the stage to perform a stripped-back version Whitney Houston's 1992 smash rendition  Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You." The singer surprised the audience, as it was just him and his guitar, but nonetheless rose to the occasion and earned a favorable response despite the vocal difficulty the iconic track.

Christina Wells

Christina Wells paid tribute to the late Queen Soul, Aretha Franklin. The singer performed a soulful rendition "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," with her own twist. Wells delivered by putting her strong vocals to good use and inspired audience members to applaud several times before her two minute performance was up. 

Daniel Emmett

Daniel Emmett took a different route from the other singers by selecting a song from Broadway musical West Side Story. Emmett delivered a pitch perfect cover "Somewhere," and soared with each effortless high note that he hit. By the time his stunning performance was done, Emmett received a standing ovation from the entire audience, including judge Heidi Klum.

Brian King Joseph

Brian King Joseph had all eyes on him as he delivered an exciting cover  Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" on his electric violin. Joseph started f the performance on an elevated platform several feet above the crowd, before making his way to the stage, where he continued the riveting rendition the song bathed in neon lasers and lights. The result was electric, as the performance finished with the stage seemingly engulfed in flames, and Joseph triumphantly standing center stage, smile on his face.